"Integrity, Innovation, Responsibility, Sharing"

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"Integrity, Innovation, Responsibility, Sharing"

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"Integrity, Innovation, Responsibility, Sharing"

The place you can develop your career

Strength Master Group has always strived actively to be the leader in the health and wellness field. It is our talents, who believe in the corporate cultures- Integrity, Innovation, Responsibility and Sharing, that help shape our active attitude both on and off work. Right now, we’re looking for new talents who share the same DNA as us, dare to dream, and are full of passion and innovative ideas to join our workforce. Together, we can take Strength Master to the next level. 


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Employee Welfare and Benefits

Planned by Strength Master Group Employee Welfare Committee:

  • Social events reimbursement
  • Annual company outing reimbursement
  • Childbirth, hospitalization, emergency, wedding and funeral support fund
  • Three national festivals subsidy
  • Monthly Birthday celebrations and occasional recreational activities, e.g. Basketball Tournaments, to enrich the lives of the employees and their families

The Strength Master Group also provides…

  • Insurance:Labor, health and business travel insurance provided; 6% contribution of pension funds
  • Day-Off Policy:Five-day work week, Paid Time Off(PTO) after three months of employment, and paternity leave.
  • Enjoy free meals at the Employee Kitchen
  • Annual medical checkup
  • Free magazines and publications to browse
  • End-of-Year Party and raffle


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Excellent Workplace

Providing employees with a healthy and enjoyable working environment is Strength Master Group’s first and foremost priority. We have a basketball court, a badminton court and table tennis tables on site. We also provide treadmill desks within the workplace, considering the drawback of long-hour sitting. Furthermore, in our spacious employee kitchen, we hire a professional chef to design delicious and nutritious meals. This way, we hope to help create a healthier and more efficient workplace for our employees.

In addition, there are clubs of various interests and hobbies for coworkers to bond beyond work.


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Learning and Development

Strength Master Group invests in professional developments of our employees while recruiting like-minded talents. We keep our promise through systematic Learning and Development blueprint to provide comprehensive trainings, including:
.On-the-job training and coaching
.Professional skills development

With the diverse and comprehensive learning environment, the L&D culture helps promote the growth in our employees and the organization.

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