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"Quality assurance comes from the expertise in production."

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"Quality assurance comes from the expertise in production."

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"Quality assurance comes from the expertise in production."

“Strengthen your inner master”

Aspiring to be the leader in the field of health and wellness

Advanced Research & Development

Combine the core value. Sharpen the leading edge.

Strength Master Group has been focusing on being “Innovative,” “Interactive,” and “Intelligent” while developing throughout the 20 years in this field. We develop products according to different characteristics of each consumer by integrating hardware and software. To help people effectively carry out a continuous workout routine, we provide an all-inclusive health solution.


We deeply believe that R&D is the foundation of corporate development and we continue to invest lots of resources in research and development.  We have R&D centers across the U.S., Taiwan and China and we hold more than 191 patents. By mastering the core technologies and design thinking, we provide reliable quality to fulfill our belief of prioritizing customer first. Strength Master Group established its leading edge in the fitness equipment industry with the development of products’ competitive advantages and our professional services.

Our products has been honored and recognized over the years, including Taiwan Excellence, National Invention and Creation Award, TaiSPO Excellence Award, Taiwan Excellence Silver Award, Golden Pin Design Mark, Gear Awards and multiple features from local and international media.

We value heavily on quality and social responsibility. We have passed ISO 9001 certification test and are continuing to improve and master our quality control system. New product developments are all eco-friendly and we insist on using natural, recyclable and reusable materials that comply with the regulation of RoHS, PAHs and REACH for a sustainable development of human society. Before launching a product, we ensure the reliability by acquiring the international safety certification for each market destination. We hold over 120 certifications from CE, GS, ETL, UL and EN for our products and provide product liability insurance to protect the rights of the consumers.



Manufacturing and Production

Quality assurance comes from the expertise in production.

Since we relocated the factory in 2014, we have expanded not only the production base but also the capacity. We can better control the quality of our products and fulfill large orders. To date, Strength Master has two production bases that share the responsibility of creating world-class quality for our products.

Strength Master Group is proud of its excellent and stable quality. We constantly bring in modern and automated production facilities to increase efficiency. From the R&D, production, and quality control of products, we are devoted to execute VQC, IQC, PQC and FQC to provide the best quality for better customer satisfaction.

Strength Master Group is not only dedicated in providing world class services and quality for our clients, we also strive to meet the corporate social responsibility with environmental friendly design and sustainable production.