Going beyond and into
promising new horizons

StrengthMaster is expanding from the sporting goods industry,
following suit with other innovative companies
expanding the company’s product scope.
Building off of its success in the sporting goods industry,
StrengthMaster will take its business and go into a promising new market.

Moving beyond sporting goods and into creating health-conscious active office spaces

Working environments of today put undue stress on workers’ health. American enterprises and research institutions have thus been actively looking for viable solutions. At StrengthMaster, its R&D team has designed treadmill desks to suit office workers’ needs. These machines have become iconic machines found in the White House and the top 500 global companies StrengthMaster’s treadmills have also become crucial part of its brand image, making it an attractive place for people to work. The new market for creating “active offices” is a result of workers’ demands for more health-conscious workspaces. StrengthMaster is currently the market leader for this industry. Research indicates that this new industry’s worth is estimated to reach $10 billion USD with an estimated growth of around 33% in the next 3 to 5 years. StrengthMaster’s visible lead in this industry optimistic indicator of its future growth and lucrativeness.


Making good even better – Ampera series

World-class athletes are always pushing their limits to the brink. But as a result, they often suffer physical injury or end up jeopardizing their athletic careers. Resident athletes at StrengthMaster have designed an array of smart apparatuses to conduct health checks, assist in physical recovery and training for world-class athletes. Using breakthrough technologies, StrengthMaster can assist athletes in strengthening their physical prowess and allow them to check and analyze their body’s performance via health metrics, vital signs, muscle mass, cellular water levels, bone density, mineral levels, protein levels, etc. This capability allows for customization of an athlete’s individual regimen, nutrition and health maintenance, effectually enabling athletes to perform at optimal levels. Athletes will then able to reach new heights, break new records, and remain in competitive athletics for longer periods of time. At the same time, they will stimulate a new wave of business opportunities for the industry. Athletic careers will be prolonged by helping to lighten the financial burden from training. With accessible and comprehensive real-time data, conflicts between athletes and their trainers as well as costs will all decrease as a result.


Corporate Positioning and Customer Equity

StrengthMaster holds the most strategic positions in various industries with considerable potential for growth, assuring its lucrativeness and success. StrengthMaster prides itself on its sustainable practices with the management of its customer relationships. In addition to the White House, the top 500 global companies and the USA’s top 300 renown academic institutions, StrengthMaster also has built sound customer relationships with Amazon.com’s numerous innovation adopters. StrengthMaster’s stellar customer equity has proven its quality and brand excellence. StrengthMaster has also established solid collaborative relationships with current and retired athletes, world-renown coaches and trainers as well as sporting goods businesses. Drawing from the competitive spirit found on the field or court, StrengthMaster aims to expand its market to other sizeable sporting goods markets in countries like China, France and Spain. The world’s most influential opinion leaders will become StrengthMaster’s most valued customers.



In response to the rapid development of globalization and increasingly severe market competition challenges,
taking Taiwan as the global operation headquarters, Expand the global layout, the development of the Group's management.

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