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“ Strengthen your inner master “

“Strengthen your inner master”

Aspiring to be the leader in the field of health and wellness

Corporate Governance

Strength Master Fitness Tech’ corporate governance is based on the principle of integrity. We are committed to disclose financial statements regularly in order to enhance transparency and protect shareholders’ rights and interests.

Board of Directors

Strength Master Fitness Tech board of the directors consists of 7 members including 3 independent directors. Its primary duty is to provide guidance for management teams and supervise the company’s operations. Furthermore, it helps the company decide major policies, review executives’ performances and has the rights to dismiss officers of the company when necessary. In exercising its power and duties, the board of directors will help Strength Master Fitness Tech strengthen corporate governance and continue the company’s growth.


Denny Wu

General Manager, Strength Master Fitness Tech.
General Manager and Director, Lihe (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Director, PCE Fitness
Director, Chisma Fitness


Michelle Wang

Owner, Lihe (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Owner,Chisma Fitness
Owner, Toprad Industrial Corp.
Director, Altis Health & Fitness Corp.
Director, PCE Fitness
Director, Strength Master Fitness Tech.

Corporate Director

Altis Health & Fitness Corp.Representative:Jackie Wu

Director, Altis Health & Fitness Corp.
Director, Toprad Industrial Corp.

Independent Director

Shyh-Weir Tzang

Finance Department,
Asia University

Independent Director

Tzyy-Yuang SHIANG

Research ChairProfessor,
Department of Athletic Performance,
National Taiwan Normal University

Independent Director

Benny W. T. Wu

Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineer,
National Formosa University

Internal Audit

Strength Master Fitness Tech internal audit is an independent unit that reports to the board of directors consisting of four staffs. It helps the company evaluate the internal control system and improve the integrity, reasonableness and effectiveness of all management policies. To achieve the objectives, the internal audit reviews internal jobs of the company and monitors its subsidiaries according to an annual plans and reports quarterly to the board of directors.

The purpose of internal audit is to assist the board of directors in reviewing the issues of internal control system and evaluating the operational effectiveness and efficiency. It also provides recommendations for improvement to assure internal control run continually and guidance for existing controls.

The execution of internal audit covers investigation and evaluation of internal control system, which measures the existing policies, procedures and the impacts on operating activities. The scope includes items, time, procedures (methods), compliance with laws and regulations, and forms.